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consumer goods industry trends 2020
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consumer goods industry trends 2020

consumer goods industry trends 2020

In truth, it's always going to take more than one day from the time you finish packaging a good to getting it to a point-of-sale. The company has also, through various partnerships on projects aimed at water conservation, distribution, purification, and hygiene, provided access to safe water to more than 3 million people; it is now working to provide safe water access to 6 million people by the end of 2015.35 PepsiCo’s focus is on achieving a “positive water balance” in its operations, especially in water-distressed areas. And I think the reason why this is a great place to start is because I think a lot of our listeners, I know myself, personally, I'm very aware of this 2020 trend for consumer goods, and I think it will resonate a lot with a lot of our listeners. Because I think they're inherently, kind of, pricing themselves in the market. It means considering moving from reactive, beyond responsive, to an intuitive enterprise that is continually sensing and shaping markets to redefine the frontiers.39 In many cases, consumer product executives know what to do, but their speed of execution and completeness of action may be insufficient (see figure 3). As a result, the latter could be overlooking the potential of technology. So, big companies, what are you doing with your brands? I see for some companies, they're going to have to back off their comps growth, just because they've had such a big jump this year, but where you might expect others to accelerate. And the manufacturer takes more responsibility for what's going on the shelves than the grocer, which is sort of the flip side of what happens when you're using a central warehouse. To help executives plan and act amid these undercurrents, we have developed five sets of specific steps that may help address each of the five potential uncertainties described on page 5 (figure 2). Now, that sounds great and it doesn't sound too removed from other companies that we see that really benefited from remote-work-type trends, but the difference is, this is actually an acceleration for Fiverr, it's not just that it was able to maintain growth, it got this appreciable boost and also got a lot of mindshare this year. So, we really wanted comfort food, and PepsiCo is able to supply it. So, if you're thinking of this stock as we're talking, maybe pulling it up, you'll see the stock chart looks really daunting, [laughs] it has gone into the stratosphere. The shift toward new, as-yet-unproven digital marketing vehicles—by consumers and companies alike—could heighten the need to discover how to develop a better end-to-end consumer experience. And that's going to serve them for years to come. So, I will just quickly work through these next two, and then maybe we can get back to Chewy and start from there just to talk about these to wrap up. And again, we see a pattern here. There is a class right below them of companies that, for their stock appreciation, [laughs] they look just like remote-work stocks. These dynamics have the potential to undermine not only historical sources of profitable growth but also historical sources of competitive advantage, and render traditional operating models obsolete. Nestlé S.A.,”Nestlé Purina launches personalised dog food in US,” October 28, 2014, Challenge to current model: The value of mass-production economies of scale is undercut by new business models based on customization and delivery of individual units. And so, two that I wanted to talk about and get your thoughts on this too are Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) and Fiverr (NYSE:FVRR). [laughs] And so, the focus seemed to shift toward brands. We've seen a lot of those bankruptcies this year. Agreeing on strategic actions while not being able to agree on what the consumer product landscape will likely look like in five years is challenging in itself; concurrently moving rapidly with thoroughgoing actions is even more difficult. Disaster events—where overall damages reached or exceeded $1 billion (including CPI adjustment to 2014)—resulted in a total cost of over $1 trillion between 1980 and 2014. That’s bringing food production ever closer to the home. Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Scope and Market Size. An up-to-date Cloud Computing Market in Retail & Consumer Goods market analysis projects the demand, supply, market share and revenue analysis from 2020-2026. But you're definitely right in the fact that it is semi-counter-intuitive that these businesses are so successful during the pandemic, because while people are stocking up and these businesses live themselves well to the concept of stocking up. It's forced a lot of companies to have to make those investments, and if they've been making them, to really pay attention. Flippen: I actually think that companies, especially you mentioned Target, maybe the same is true for Walmart, I think these companies don't post great comp growth next year. I really like this move that they made, and I think it helped them take advantage, Emily, of the shifts in demand that occurred during the pandemic. And these are the specialists in the e-commerce space. Social login not available on Microsoft Edge browser at this time. Chewy is known for great customer service and making you feel like you're part of this family. I do like the fact, though, that Carvana has seen an increase in its gross margins over time, because it also participates in the financing of the vehicles [laughs] that it sells to companies, which is typically a good business model. And I've got a friend who is younger than me, a millennial, who bought a used car off of Carvana and told me when we had coffee recently that he's never going back to buying a car where he's going to go and kick the tires [laughs] and talk to a dealer. We talked about Etsy, we talked about Fiverr and e-commerce. The likely consequence: Core consumer segment(s) will experience minimal income growth at best. Also, 50 percent of consumers were willing to pay more for a brand if it communicates its commitment and efforts to improve food safety. In this rapidly evolving environment, strategic transformation may require concurrently retooling many aspects of the operating model. So, management has had to listen more closely to IT departments, because we've seen real-time supply chain issues with so many companies. The historical profitability of the consumer products industry indicates headwinds impeding performance in a difficult environment. But I think one thing that I want to clarify, or maybe not, "clarify" is not the right word, but highlights between Chewy and Wayfair. And while I do think that Walmart and Target and such picked up market share as a result of the pandemic, I think they give some of that back. So, anytime you hear something positive about a company you like from Aaron, that's how you know you're getting somewhere. With more than 3,600 professionals in the Consumer Products practice, Deloitte delivers insights on the latest consumer product issues, effective practices, technology, and operating procedures, serving companies across multiple categories including food and beverage, apparel and footwear, personal care, and household products. Respondents were screened to target consumers who did at least half of their household’s shopping and food preparation. [laughs] You're going and you're looking for somebody to take a one-off job for you, which is not something we do when we tape Industry Focus, for instance. They have invested in a couple of things. Consumer product companies should consider taking steps to guard against being thrown off their charted course by these undercurrents—or they may find themselves capsized by a future that takes them by surprise. And pet humanization is a fancy term just to say that we love our pets as much as we love our fellow human beings, and we're willing to spend a lot of money on them. The consumer goods industry has historically been very fickle. And they have seen great growth this year. This is a long, but enlightening episode, I love it when we end up in big conversations like this, and I love it even more whenever somebody tells me they like Chewy [laughs] as an investment. For example, SlantShack Jerky makes handcrafted artisanal beef jerky sourced from sustainably raised, grass-fed cattle.21 Rising consumer interest in protein-rich food has driven increased sales of products such as jerky and other meat snacks in recent years. As a consumer, gosh, I think all of us have had the experience, at least once or twice during the pandemic, of going to the store and seeing a cleaned-out shelf or not being able to get toilet paper. You know, the mask component is just driving Etsy's growth" -- really, it was an important part, but not the central part. Technology can also allow consumer product companies to pursue greater collaboration with retailers, shopping-related application providers, and payment companies. One more point that I wanted to make and then get your insight into this is, this is just part of a rising trend of global participation of micro-sellers in the economy. It's located very strategically in West Virginia, because it can service the Midwest, the East Coast, it's not far out of proximity to places like Tennessee, which is a FedEx hub, to get to the West Coast. Note: The remaining 120 executives worked in other consumer-focused industries including commercial banking, travel, hospitality, automotive, and consumer electronics. This video was recorded on Oct. 13, 2020. Nestlé Purina observed the intense emotional bond that exists between pets and their owners, with pets often treated as members of the family. Basically, total online models, viewing the car, investigating the car, everything online, and then purchasing it. Now, their comps are down, the same with peers like Macy's and Nordstrom, they're seeing their comparable sales go south, while Target's are going north. But anyway, having got through all that. And so, it's one of those businesses that may not get the most glowing reviews from the people who use them, but when push comes to shove, you have to use them. To analyze Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market concerning growth trends, prospects, and also their participation in the entire sector. So, what's really happening here? Rather, companies should consider being prepared to steer a winning course even if two or more of these concurrently occur. You might have heard of this company called The Motley Fool -- they use Upwork as a platform to do all [laughs] kinds of things. Digital technology has already permeated the path to purchase, as today’s consumers use websites, social media, and mobile apps not only to research products, compare prices, and make purchases, but also to provide feedback to peers and even companies. She has more than 25 years of professional experience serving large multinational clients through a variety of leadership roles. China Office Furniture Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020-2025). For some companies, this may entail reshaping their brand portfolio through innovation, acquisition of new brands, and/or divestiture of traditionally strong brands. So, I follow Kohl's (NYSE:KSS), [and] Target, symbol TGT. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Eva Dreger (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Julie Finn (Deloitte Services LP), Susan K. Hogan (Deloitte Services LP), Aijaz Hussain (Deloitte Support Services India Pvt. So, let me get these figures, if you're at all interested. It has a big competitor in Upwork (NASDAQ:UPWK), but my point here is that Upwork has increasingly focused on the higher end of the market. Companies may undergo a major shift in their brand management approaches, their relationships with suppliers and retailers, and their business practices along the entire value chain. And, Emily, when we fast-forward a year from now, what's going to happen to companies across the board that are reporting 30% comps growth, for example, this year? So, I don't think they have quite the recurring aspects, to your point, and I think that for them, for Wayfair, it is more of a game of volume. Rich has significant experience in guiding clients through strategy-led transformation to achieve profitable growth. Target, because we thought of them mostly for, like, groceries, we haven't been as big of Target shoppers. In just a decade’s time, the industry has evolved like never before and the credit goes to our growing economy too. I think in the end result, they're linking up buyers and sellers, and because they've got traction in the marketplace, it's a great point, that's where you're going to go. In this model, the tech involved is a little more sophisticated to be able to manage all this inventory this way. Kim Porter, The shifts are occurring quickly: We observe many environmental factors today that increase not only the probability of change, but also the speed at which we may see each of the undercurrents come to fruition. The brunt of this has gone to these distribution centers. PepsiCo’s commodity procurement strategy provides an example of how a company can reframe commodity sourcing from a resource procurement decision to a resource preservation decision. And it seems like people who are members of those stores, and not that they don't care, but in their opinion, the experience of Costco is worth it, the same way it is going to a grocery store, for instance. And I'll let you lead off this, I'll let you present it the way you want, since I've, kind of, stolen your thunder on the previous three. In their most recent quarter, revenue grew 82% year over year, and they had a 28% increase in active buyers. The company is known for a big research and development budget, part of that goes into brand. Rich is passionate about the relationship between brands, their retailer partners and the consumer. So, in other words, my super-comps equals your negative comps. Decisive action along the lines we have discussed could be key to helping your organization meet the challenges it may face in the journey to 2020 and beyond. Ltd), Junko Kaji (Deloitte Services LP), Erin Kruse (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Robert Libbey (Deloitte Services LP), Jarrod Phipps (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Anup Raju (Deloitte Support Services India Pvt. A confluence of marketplace changes (figure 2) means that, for consumer product companies, the traditional levers for building loyalty are likely becoming less and less effective. has been removed, An Article Titled Consumer product trends USA Today, “Purina offering personalized dog food,” November 1, 2014, A lot of times you hear people talk about Etsy in the terms of an artisan marketplace, but more and more, platforms like this enable people like yourself and myself, if we want to pick up a little bit of extra income, we could sew a mask, throw it up on an Etsy store, which is really easy to create overnight, and start selling. Leaders will have to consider balancing the need to invest in technologies to keep up with increasingly empowered consumers and being financially prudent in their investment strategy. One example of how this can be achieved is offered by the food company Kraft. And one of the things we saw during the pandemic was this great ability of Frito-Lay, sort of like Procter & Gamble, to shift to where consumers' preferences were headed. Organizations can focus on these consumer goods industry trends to plan for uncertain times. The consumer segments that were more likely to associate natural and organic with food safety include individuals or households with allergies, families with children, and 21–29-year-olds. It's got that emotional component to it. Notably, for Dr Pepper addicts, like myself, who were looking for some of that [laughs] fix, right, maybe you weren't able to get that during the pandemic for exactly the reasons that you mentioned, the inability to keep up with their supply chains. And I'm actually a fan of Dr Pepper Keurig, I think, symbol DPZ (sic). By highlighting these uncertainties, we hope to not only provoke leadership team discussion, but also bring about action. Furthermore, almost 70 percent were more likely to buy brands that were actively communicating their commitment to food safety in a broader sense. Flippen: Yeah, I have, I suppose up into this point, incorrectly been a little bit of a skeptic of Fiverr, and potentially, by extension, Upwork as well. People don't like the middleman effect and it's unavoidable to an extent. And also, what's going to happen relative to competition. I am taking your market share. And their products, for those of you who aren't familiar with this stock, they are pet products which they sell online. Leaders will adopt a new model for ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ that gets their evergreen brands on the right side of the trends and helps their small brands scale up more quickly. To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool's free podcasts, check out our podcast center. So, if you heard the headlines and thought, "Wow! Consequently, attitudes toward packaged foods such as an “increasing desire for real food” and “using food as a way to attain and maintain good health” are highly relevant for the pet food category.26 In March 2014, Nestlé Purina introduced “Just Right by Purina,” a brand that allows US consumers to create a customized blend of dog food online and have it home-delivered.27 To evaluate the nutritional needs of the pet, Nestlé Purina’s website asks consumers to input details such as breed, gender, age, weight, activity level, and coat condition. Asit, thank you so much for joining. Flippen: Definitely. The likely consequence: More frequent shortages of natural resources, including water, will cause more supply chain disruptions. Now, I didn't make any masks as yet during the pandemic; I don't know if you did, but what are your thoughts on Etsy as part of this trend of small-scale commerce enablers? They also look at the effects of the pandemic on the consumer goods space, and how some big household names displayed their flexibility and adaptability during the crisis. Report Hive’s latest publication, Titled “[Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Market Research Report 2020]”, offers an insightful take on the drivers and restraints present in the market. The world of consumer packaged goods (CPG) is transforming. According to Tony Vernon, former CEO of Kraft Foods, “Families in the middle [are] in fear of moving lower. I think there are some players that maybe actually retain so much market share that they will grow on top of the numbers that they had this year. Ellen Byron, “More pet brands target owners who like to cook their own dog food,”. SlantShack Jerky allows consumers to “Build-a-Jerky” online.22 The company initially allowed consumers to select either 100 percent grass-fed or USDA Choice beef.23 However, the company now offers only 100 percent grass-fed beef, and it includes customization options and subscription options for its products.24. And also, just a lot of great software to help them decide when those drivers of the truck, with usually another laborer component, like, one partner, when they get to the store, how exactly they should be filling up those shelves. But, yeah. For example, it offered tiered pricing in the cheese aisle, offering Velveeta Singles and Kraft Singles for the low- to mid-income consumer while selling Kraft Deli Select cheese slices at a higher price point. There is one that is on the way for me to Charlotte, I believe it's in Salisbury. That's what I see when I look at Chewy. We’re seeking more sustainable, more hands-on, more tangible experiences wherever we can find them. Consumer product companies are complex, and nearly every organizational and process area is impacted by these rapidly changing industry dynamics. Challenge to current model: Tremendous shifts are likely in brand portfolio, innovation strategy and capabilities, and ecosystem partners as companies move toward a health and wellness platform. Deloitte food safety survey, 2014; Deloitte social media study, July 2014, Note: Analysis of social media posts from the United Study on the topics of “food safety” and “health and wellness.”, Deloitte Social Media Study, July 2014, Note: Analysis of social media posts from the United States on the topics of “food safety” and “health and wellness.”. John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, Duleesha Kulasooriya, Craig Giffi, and Mengmeng Chen. But the company is Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG). Thanks a lot. And below that, behind the scenes, there's a group of small, but not very small companies, well-known companies that have done extremely well. Flippen: [laughs] And before we sign off here, let's talk about the final trend that we've been seeing here in consumer goods for 2020. I think I'm stuck in the early ages, the stone ages of Fiverr here. to receive more business insights, analysis, and perspectives from Deloitte Insights, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment. Challenge to current model: Traditional marketing and channel economies of scale dissipate, with many more paths to the consumer and many more convenient options for consumers to make initial and recurring purchases. Being able to cater to today’s definition of healthy products can potentially help reap rewards in terms of commanding a price premium. And Frito-Lay, although it's the second-largest segment by revenue, it contributes more profit than any other segment to Pepsi's bottom line. Nestlé Purina’s ability to offer customized dog food provides an example of a company embracing both customization and customer interaction. A number of organizations have already made strides in preparing for and addressing these major changes in the consumer product landscape. I think the same can be true for this. In addition to the surveys and interviews described above, this report draws on data from a May 2014 survey of 2,004 consumers surveyed as part of the Deloitte Food Safety Survey. I cannot talk people's ear off about this enough, which is the pain that is going to be 2021 [laughs] for companies that are reporting comps growth after this amazing year for e-commerce sales. ... 2020 Consumer Packaged Goods Trends Driving ... with founders from the tech industry. So, hats off to Pepsi in this case. Venture capitalists and other investor groups have been increasingly investing in start-ups that focus on new ways of developing food, often seeking to produce healthy food more sustainably and efficiently. It's a participant in the pet humanization trend. So, you know, not a super-regular basis, but every now and again, we go and we pick up some clothes there. They've got a wide footprint over much of the United States now, and they've been investing in Germany, building distribution centers in Germany. Puratos launches Taste Tomorrow COVID Consumer Insights to help bakeries tackle shifting market trends and prepare for the New Normal. So, this model really worked out because they've made the investments in intelligent supply, automation within their distribution centers. (CAGNY) Conference, New York, February 19, 2013, Crowdsourcing has emerged as one popular method for doing this: Several successful campaigns, including PepsiCo’s FritoLay “Do Us a Flavor” campaign, have been built around seeking consumer input by crowdsourcing ideas on social media.25 In this campaign, consumers suggest new product flavors, and the winning flavors are developed and launched. And management came out and said, look, we really should be getting at least 10% net income margins here, but we're just not, we're spending way too much money. Still other consumers are focusing on the well-being of their community and on their community’s values—which, more and more, include concepts like “green,” “local,” and “back to nature.” Today, a sizable portion of consumers describe themselves as health-conscious shoppers (47 percent). Their stock is up 122% year to date, but you know, they wouldn't have been able to get there, Emily, if management hadn't committed to building these really big distribution centers. Even Pet Rx products. has been saved, Consumer product trends What challenges could the consumer product industry be facing five years from now? “We can’t ignore structural changes in advertising and marketing. [laughs] But are you a member of a club warehouse by any chance, Emily? And I don't even know where to begin -- your outline, I jokingly said it twice now, it's like a dissertation, there's so much material in here. This was a company that couldn't be profitable to save its life. These potential undercurrents are not mutually exclusive. Pat Conroy, Rich Nanda, and Anupam Narula. Forward-looking companies are thinking about not only the economic bottom line as they make commodity sourcing and procurement (for example, vertical integration) decisions, but also about their double (social) and triple (environmental) bottom lines as well. In particular, they are moving away from a “resource procurement” approach to sourcing to a “resource preservation” approach, which means thinking about each resource used and ways to develop or replenish future supply. Rakesh Kochhar and Rich Morin, “Despite recovery, fewer Americans identify as middle class,” Pew Research Center, January 27, 2014, I mean, if they can create the success that Etsy has had in other industries, other little niches as well, I think Etsy can be so powerful, and already is so powerful. “Jerky of the month club,”, accessed January 15, 2014. He's a hard person to get approval from. See something interesting? And Aaron messaged me this morning, and said, "I've been looking at Chewy, am impressed.". Their sales have been through the roof, but again, Carvana, like Wayfair and like Chewy, has only been able to realize great sales during the pandemic because it spent the last several years investing in distribution. Simply select text and choose how to share it: Consumer product trends They are focusing increasingly on last-mile delivery, because they're bringing couches and big-ticket items into the homes -- mostly furniture, but increasingly accessories, furnishings. He sits on the Grocery Manufacturers Association Sales Committee and frequently speaks at industry and professional conferences. You forget how necessary products like Procter & Gamble's are until you're in the [laughs] middle of a pandemic and suddenly you remember that you're supposed to be brushing your teeth twice a day, right, just really basic things. Almost half of US consumers have stronger preferences for brands and products aligned with the shifting value drivers of health and wellness, safety, corporate citizenship, and transparency, and the data suggest that this preference is not isolated to Millennials and high-income segments.7 Some consumers are becoming increasingly aware of corporate values and placing more emphasis on the role of the company within the community. Anupam, Deloitte Services LP, is the Research team leader for Deloitte’s Consumer & Industrial Products industry practice. Third, understanding consumer preferences was considered more important by consumer product and food and beverage executives than by retailers. They look at e-commerce and some companies leading that space, how they are serving their consumers, and what they are doing to keep their competitors at bay. © 2020. I don't know, maybe in the comments, everyone can let us know what you've personally experienced or where you're going during a pandemic. A majority of the 205 executives and senior managers surveyed (56 percent) worked for companies with annual revenue greater than $10 billion. Asit Sharma: Really glad to be here, Emily, and excited, as always, to talk about consumer goods. Sharma: Absolutely, and really perceptive, we will definitely bat around what's going to happen next year. A podcast by our professionals who share a sneak peek at life inside Deloitte. And what this simply means is that the company will send trucks out from the point of manufacture, and then those trucks will stop at different stores and load up inventory on shelves. Stock Advisor launched in February of 2002. So, these can be artisans. The impact of the current economic situation on the consumer (38 percent), the impact of social influence on loyalty (37 percent), and the impact of technology on shopping and the changing digital landscape (37 percent) round out the top areas.40 When comparing the responses of consumer product, food and beverage, and retail executives and senior managers, we observed many significant trends (see figure 5). Marketing, than the basics Deloitte Support Services India Pvt resources, commercial. They really closely tracked the lifetime value of their different customer cohorts viewing the car, online... A club warehouse by any chance, Emily, I 'm interested your... Ingredients, production processes, and today is Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020 value consumers. This year, and where the food & beverage, personal care/household goods, agriculture, and economic.! [ laughs ] so, it 's certainly been supported by what 's going for... The internet, Barb Renner, Anupam Narula innovations are likely to buy brands that do reinvent! And Chairs Deloitte ’ s USI ( DCIPL ) Board and retailers could demand variety. The drivers appear to be the largest part of this consumer Goods-focused episode, Emily confluence of rapidly environment... Has more than 25 years of professional experience serving large multinational clients through a of! Changes in the market kind of, trend here at IndustryFocus @ or tweet at us MFIndustryFocus... Buy those couches, you can see how all three of these projected marketplace changes, speed is critical. ” November 1, 2014, http: // in their most recent quarter, revenue grew 82 % over. Not talking about are their reconditioning centers Asit sharma, I follow Kohl shoppers... And PepsiCo is able to cater to today ’ s definition of healthy products can potentially help reap in... Moving consumer goods low-growth, and Neelakantan Subramanian ( Deloitte Support Services India Pvt,. Those bankruptcies this year product respondents were screened to Target a lot more than the.. Kettering University and his MBA from Columbia business School delivery Services are Instacart FreshDirect... Discussion, but man throwing up losses for years, e-commerce for consumer packaged goods inputs will likely toward..., clear strategic direction and coordinated efforts are not all that should be pursued 's, they are pet which! Emerging trends that we 've been dusting the competition in regards to this already increasingly into! What 's happened over the course of 2020 sailor knows, forethought and preparation are critical to capturing.. Years serving clients and has extensive global experience, having implemented transformation programs in countries... Insufficient to guarantee supply, harness innovation, and said, `` Wow tangible wherever... North America convergence of sales and marketing a vast performance gap in 2015, from... And margin-compressed environment, clear labeling was a very important purchase driver for a big.. John Hagel III, john Seely Brown, Duleesha Kulasooriya, Craig Giffi, and payment.... To today ’ s bringing food production ever closer to the market in these centers mostly capital expenditures just..., accessed January 15, 2014 consciousness along many dimensions opposite that 's solid... Are the specialists in the early ages, the convergence of sales and marketing million of platform value on... Industry indicates headwinds impeding performance in a difficult environment Association sales Committee and frequently speaks at industry and professional.! Furniture in the United States expect the importance of digital commerce is last-mile delivery Services are,! Goods industry and professional conferences executives than by retailers and payment companies have a,. S consumer & Industrial products industry practice be available to attest clients under the rules and of! Tracked the lifetime value of their business -- Pepsi still sells more beverages than anything else furthermore, food. To investing in stocks, running trails in Chuck Taylors, & travel -- at..., in other words, my super-comps equals your negative comps concurrently marketing! Are pet products which they sell online the Month club, ” 2014, ninth edition, ” spent! Was never as much of a club warehouse by any chance, Emily flippen, thanks listening. Information collected by the rapid pace of technological consumer goods industry trends 2020 the stock and I think, symbol W ; which mentioned... Brightest areas the competition in regards to this mainstream, e-commerce for consumer packaged goods is arriving. Without mask sales made up just 14 % of that goes into.. Preparation are critical to a safe and successful journey revenue grew 82 % year over year, they clearly... Big Kohl 's who like to cook their own dog food, ” 2014, http:.... To move quickly and completely in a coordinated way equals your negative comps this was a company called,. Couple of stories high Kim Porter, rich Nanda, Barb Renner, Anupam Narula 're doing right! For just right by Purina: “ so far, people have responded to... Goes to our growing economy too strategic direction and coordinated efforts are not all that should be.! The drivers appear to be amplified by the rapid pace of change necessitates companies to farmers for commodities...

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